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Jun 13, 2011



What is Acne?

Acne is caused when abnormal skin blocks the pores.  The chest, back, shoulders, neck and face are the main areas affected by acne because this is where we have the most oil-producing glands in our skin.  These glands are extremely sensitive to hormonal changes.  As the bacteria grow they cause redness, soreness and inflammation.  In the worst cases, inflammation extends into surrounding tissue and acne cysts develop.  Aside from being extremely painful and embarrassing, cysts can lead to permanent scarring.

While acne isn’t life-threatening, it is life-detracting.  People with acne often experience low self-esteem and social anxieties.  Taking control of acne, therefore, often brings a new sense of confidence and control over life.  Over-the-counter preparations may help people who suffer from occasional pimples, but more severe or persistent cases will benefit from treatment by a trained dermatologist. 

Fortunately, today, all levels of acne can be controlled.

Adult Acne

Say the word “acne” and the stereotype that springs to mind a self-conscious teenager.  While teenagers certainly are prone to acne, adult acne is also extremely common.  In fact, it affects around one-quarter of men and half of all women.

Oil glands are extremely sensitive to hormonal changes—a rise in hormones leads to increased oil production and the proliferation of bacteria in blocked pores.  Adult groups including women during their fertile years, as well as women approaching or going through menopause are especially at risk.  Bodybuilders, for example, may also be at risk of acne due to elevated hormone levels.

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