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All the doctors at this practice are wonderful! Dr. White spent a ton of time diagnosing something that was complicated and continually checked up ...

Dec 18, 2012

"Precancers" - What can you do?

precancers"We evaluate and treat patients everyday for actinic keratoses.  The most common treatment is "freezing" them with cryosurgery.  Some patients will opt to use creams as well." says Dr. Richard White

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Should your favorite well-qualified dentist deliver your baby?

dentistThe news is laden with terrible stories of botched cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal burns, droopy eyebrows from improper administration of Botox, and even deadly liposuction procedures.

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USA Today's Portrayal Does a Grave Disservice to Consumers


The American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons submitted a letter to the editor of USA Today in response to the article, "Lack of training can be deadly in cosmetic surgery" published 9/13/11.

Drs. White and Woodall agree wholeheartedly with ASDS' view that the article's portrayal does a grave disservice to consumers by emphasizing plastic surgeons as the only qualified providers of cosmetic surgery.

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Botox and Fillers - What can go wrong?

botox for wrinklesA series of articles published in USA Today last week (9/13/11) highlighted the extreme risks of undergoing cosmetic procedures by physicians trained in other specialties. The stories ranged from patients dying after receiving liposuction from a non-board certified general surgeon to patients being disfigured after botched Botox injections.

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This is a Serious Problem Requiring Serious Comment

usatodayA series of articles was published last week in USA Today about the dangers of untrained or undertrained physicians and other medical personnel performing cosmetic procedures.

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