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Sep 12, 2011

This is a Serious Problem Requiring Serious Comment

usatodayA series of articles was published last week in USA Today about the dangers of untrained or undertrained physicians and other medical personnel performing cosmetic procedures.


There are a "...soaring number of doctors who trained in other medical specialties, such as vision or obstetrics, but have branched into the more lucrative field of cosmetic surgery. Because state laws governing office-based surgeries often are lax, levels of training vary so widely that some doctors are performing cosmetic procedures after only a weekend observing other doctors. Sant Antonio himself has offered three-day liposuction training at his office for the last few years, according to interviews with doctors who have trained under him.

Some dentists trained in oral surgery now do breast implants; OB/GYNs perform tummy tucks, and radiologists are doing liposuction. The results can be disastrous, according to interviews with scores of victims, plaintiffs' lawyers and plastic surgeons, and a review of lawsuits." --USA Today, 9/13/11

It is the view of Dr. White, Dr. Woodall, and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons that cosmetic surgery should be performed by Board Certified physicians, PRACTICING WITHIN THEIR FIELD OF TRAINING, in a certified ambulatory care center.  Patients who bargain shop for cosmetic procedures often receive treatments by individuals without the extensive training, certifications, and experience of Board Certified Physicians.  These patients have higher risks of undesirable complications, including death.

Unfortunately, patients who undergo cosmetic surgery procedures provided by "spa technicians", medical assistants, nurses and physicians providing services out side the scope of their training, are all too often receiving treatment from graduates of WEEKEND courses rather than accredited programs recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Patients who undergo cosmetic procedures in inappropriate settings, from inadequately trained providers are at greater risk for serious and undesired complications.

At the Palmetto Skin and Laser Center and Palmetto Breeze Med Spa, both of our board-certified dermatologists are also Fellows of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.  Dermatology board certification demands 8 years of medical training, rigorous examinations, and ongoing professional education in the latest technologies and techniques in dermatology

Dr. White and Dr. Woodall provide cosmetic surgery procedures ONLY within the scope of their extensive training and in the ONLY AAAHC certified dermatologic surgery center in the greater Charlotte area and all of the entire state of South Carolina.

We always offer consultations for all of our cosmetic procedures. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with us and that you are the right candidate for the procedure. Please investigate our website and ask us plenty of questions. Research us on the internet. Check out our facility. Compare our credentials to others' in the area.

Trust the doctors the doctors trust and call us at 803.329.6030 or book your appointment online for a consultation on any of our cosmetic procedures

If you are interested in learning more about skin cancer treatments, skin cancer surgery, medical dermatology or cosmetic dermatology in the Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina metro area, click here to request an appointment with Dr. Timothy Woodall, Dr. Richard White, or Ms. Kristin Berka. Or you can call our office, The Palmetto Skin & Laser Center, at (803) 329-6030 to schedule your appointment.