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I have seen Ms. Berka two times now. She has such a wonderful personality!!!!!!!!! She makes you feel comfortable & as if you are dealing with a ...

Jan 10, 2012


Wraps at Palmetto Breeze Med Spa


Lypo Slim Wrap

This healthy inch loss program is a toxin cleanse that creates a very definite size loss from fatty areas. The aloe vera in the solution will moisturize, tone, and tighten the skin for the client to feel baby soft and there is no need to shower off the product. The treatment and the "all food" ingredients are perfectly safe, healthy and very relaxing.

Sea Mineral Firming Wrap

This is a classic seawater-spa treatment for dry, undernourished skin that lacks tone. A full body seaweed wrap infuses the epidermis with vital mineral salts and alginates to restore moisture and elasticity, while firming and toning spongy, dehydrated skin

Detoxifying Algae & Clay Wrap

Removes toxins and impurities from the pores with this intensely detoxifying wrap. Great for menopausal and flaccid skin to restore youthful appearance.

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