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Jan 10, 2012


Do you find yourself covering up your legs and ankles even in the summer, just to hide those unsightly spider veins?


Spider veins can occur in men and women, but nearly half of all adult women are affected by them. Some women start to notice the appearance of spider veins as early as their teens, whereas others develop them much later. If you're one of the millions of women who is bothered by spider veins, you'll be excited to hear about sclerotherapy.

What is Sclerotherapy? Sclerotherapy is a virtually painless procedure in which a chemical solution is injected into the spider veins with a very fine needle. This chemical solution, called a "sclerosing solution,” causes your spider veins to collapse and disappear. As sclerotherapy gradually destroys these veins, it can also reduce the aching and swelling that is sometimes associated with spider veins.

What is the recovery like? Compression (support) hose must be worn following your procedure, making this a much more popular procedure during winter months. The longer the support hose are worn, the better your results will be.While you're advised to wait 2-3 days before resuming high-energy activities, you're actually encouraged to walk immediately after sclerotherapy. Most people experience between 60-90% improvement, and the procedure only takes minutes to perform.

Who should perform my Sclerotherapy? While sclerotherapy is a quick procedure, it is still a serious one. Be sure to do your homework before choosing who will perform your sclerotherapy. Dr. White and Dr. Woodall are both board-certified dermatologists and fellows of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons. Their facility at Palmetto Skin & Laser Center is in the only AAAHC certified dermatology surgery center in all of South Carolina and is one of only four in North Carolina. Their expertise in cosmetic dermatology surgery like sclerotherapy is unsurpassed.

If you're ready for smoother, sexier, younger-looking legs... call us at 803.329.6630 or book your appointment online for a consultation to see if sclerotherapy is the best procedure for your leg veins.

If you are interested in learning more about skin cancer treatments, skin cancer surgery, medical dermatology or cosmetic dermatology in the Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina metro area, click here to request an appointment with Dr. Timothy Woodall, Dr. Richard White, or Ms. Kristin Berka. Or you can call our office, The Palmetto Skin & Laser Center, at (803) 329-6030 to schedule your appointment.