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May 25, 2011

Unwanted Veins

Unwanted Veins


What causes unwanted veins?

The network of veins that help to move and store blood in our bodies are usually only slightly visible beneath our skin.  In the case of varicose veins and spider veins, however, the veins become visible on the surface of the skin.  Varicose veins are more common on the legs, but they can form anywhere. In the worst cases, varicose veins appear as a knot of red and purple veins that bulge from the skin’s surface.  In addition to cosmetic considerations, varicose veins can also result in tiredness, aching, cramping, swelling and itching. Spider veins do not bulge, but they often appear on the skin’s surface as a cluster or web-like maze.  While they tend to appear more often on the legs, they can also appear in other places including the face and chest. 

Are unsightly veins keeping you from wearing the clothes you love? Are varicose or spider veins making you self-conscious? Help is here!

What can I do about unsightly veins?

There a number of treatment options for unwanted veins including sclerotherapy (injecting fluid into the vein) and laser treatment.  Your dermatologist will make a recommendation based on a thorough assessment of your situation.  The procedures are fast and effective. You can relax with the knowledge that the Palmetto Skin & Laser Center is staffed by two of the Carolinas’ leading dermatologists.  Both of them are board-certified and their results are proven by thousands of satisfied patients from Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Chester and Lancaster.

It's time to say goodbye to unsightly veins. Because you're beatiful inside and out.

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