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Jun 07, 2010

Actinic Keratoses (AK)


What causes actinic keratoses?

Actinic keratoses is caused by damage from repeated, prolonged sun exposure which causes skin damage.  People with fair complexions are especially at risk.  Sun-damaged skin becomes dry and wrinkled and may form rough, scaly spots called actinic keratoses. 

These rough spots remain on the skin even after the crust or scale is picked or rubbed off.  Treatment of actinic keratoses requires removal of the abnormal skin cells.  New skin then forms to replace the sun-damaged skin.

Why treat actinic keratoses?

 While actinic keratoses are not skin cancers, they are considered pre-cancers and approximately 15 percent of lesions will develop into squamous cell carcinoma.

Should you develop a suspicious growth or patch of skin, please call to request an appointment with one of our dermatologists immediately.

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